EDDIE MURHPY To Host The Oscars!

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It has recently been confirmed that Eddie Murphy will be the host for next year’s Oscar ceremony.Over the last few days, Murphy’s name has certainly been mooted as something of a favorite to host the ceremony, which will take place next February. Brett Ratner is producing this year’s event, and was reported to put Murphy forward as a potential host to the presiding president of the Academy, Tom Sherak. However, it wasn’t officially confirmed until recently that Murphy would in fact be the host for the next event.

For many, it will have come as little surprise that Ratner has opted for Murphy, seeing as he recently worked with him on the upcoming comedy film, Tower Heist. However, as we all know, this is one the most prestigious positions in the business, and one that will place a lot of responsibility in Murphy’s hand. Even if many audiences at home will only be watching whilst catching up on the work or playing online games like party poker, Murphy will in fact be playing host to a room full of many of the world’s a-list celebrities. The pressure will certainly be on for him to be funny and entertaining, without being too offensive or risqué.

However, those behind the production of the overall event have reportedly stated that it will be very much family-friendly. Luckily, Murphy has plenty of experience with slightly more clean-cut humor, having worked on kids’ movies such as Shrek and Dr. Dolittle. He’s also familiar with the Oscars ceremony itself, having been given a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2007, following his role in Dreamgirls. However, James Franco and Anne Hathaway were heavily criticized for their hosting earlier this year, many viewers will certainly be keeping a close eye on his performance.

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